Friday, February 27, 2009

First Post

As of now, blogspot will host our new website as domain has expired. Sorry for the inconvenience if we, the committee members, didn't inform everyone early at hand about this change.

We will be making improvements to the site as soon as possible so that members and new students can fully utilize it. Sorry for any inconveniences it may have caused. Galleries and follow ups on the BruONZ events held in Brunei last January will also be posted.

We would also like to inform you that BAG (Brunei Accenture Group) has happily agreed to support BSS Brisbane and other BruONZ members in any events for the year 2009. We hope to see BAG as a long term partner in assisting us for the Brunei-OZ students cause here.

For queries and suggestions talk to us to our chat box, (24 hrs yoo macam nasi katok saja) or alternatively, contact us at

Thank you for all your support
BSS Admin

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