Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update: ASEAN Uni Games

Congratulation to:

  1. Brunei football players who won for the 3rd place last Sunday.
The score results were as follow
(Group B):

HongKong Vs. Brunei
1 0

Brunei Vs. Malaysia
1 0

Brunei Vs. Indonesia
2 0

Thailand Vs. Brunei
0 0

Semi Final
Brunei Vs. Thailand
3 0

Best Player: Hemy

2. To Brunei netball players who won for the 3rd place last Monday.

3. To Brunei athletes:

Male Category
400m 3rd Amiel Afflon
4/200m 3rd Epic/Amiel/Ahmed/Yenny
4/100m 3rd Epic/Amiel/Ahmed/Dan

Female Category
400m 1st Yenny
200m 1st Yenny
100m 3rd Farah
4/200m 1st Farah/Yenny/Os/Afizah
4/200m 2nd Yenny/Farah/Erika/Afizah

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