Monday, June 15, 2009

Announcing the new BSSBNE commitees for 2009-2010.

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This is the new committees of 2009-2010. The details of the committees are below:

President: N (QUT)
V.President: BB (GU)
Secretary: Azimah (QUT)
Treasurer: Fatimah (QUT)
Social Events Officer: Farah (GU)
Sponsorship and Marketing Officer: Zul (GU)
Student Welfare Officer 1: Seemah (GU)
Student Welfare Officer 2: Fakhri (QUT)
Religious Officer: Mirza (UQ)
Publicity and Marketing Officer: Dan (QUT)
I.T Officer 1: Hemy (GU)
I.T Officer 2: Amiel (QUT)
Sport Officer 1: Zaim (QUT)
Sport Officer 2: Jon (QUT)

Any enquiries don't hesitate, just email us.

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