Thursday, June 18, 2009

BSS BNE Movie Night


The winner movie that we all get to watch for Movie Night is.....

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen!

When: 24th June 2009
Where: Southbank Cinema Complex
Time to Meet: 4.30 PM @ the cinema
Movie Start at 6.00pm

Who wants to join??? It's easy!!

E-mail your details to

We would need your details as follows...

Phone Number:
Are you getting your own ticket?:

Deadline: 20th June 2009

We would like to get everyone a ticket in advance. The price of the tickets would be $8.50 per person (Adult ticket price).

We know that concession tickets would be cheaper, but we would like to get everyone a ticket in advance. So, please include if you will be buying your own ticket or wanting us to get one for you in your e-mail :)

Here are Transformer 2 trailer links for you to enjoy~

Have fun! Cheers!!! =D

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