Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Assalamualaikum and hello,

First and foremost, we would like to say good luck to everyone for their exams and final assignments, and hope that your results will be a just reflection on your hard work and effort (: Brunei Yakin!

Your BSS committee has recently had our first and second meeting, on the 29th of May and the 3rd of June. To keep you, our members, thoroughly informed, and to encourage your contribution, we will be updating you regularly, following our bi-weekly meetings. In light of this, please feel free to suggest your ideas in the Shoutbox, or e-mail us at bssbrisbane@yahoo.com

Our Bruneian QUT students may have received word from the Student Guild that a journalist and cameraman from Brunei will be staying in Brisbane from the 15th ~ 24th of June, hosted by the Australian High Commission in Brunei Darussalam in conjunction with Australian Education International (AEI) and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR):

"The visit program would include the journalists meeting, interviewing, and filming students about their experience of studying in Australian universities. The media package will then be aired in Brunei as part of the High Commission's public diplomacy program for 2010 - 2011 with the key theme of Education in Australia."

We are currently acquiring more details about the visit, and BSS will assist in playing host to the journalists, and perchance give a more Bruneian insight into the Brisbane lifestyle. If you are a QUT student, and would like to be involved, please do not hesitate to contact Farah, at 0410283542, or Zul at 0406626132.

BSS has decided that the first event the 2010 Committee will be involved with will be various Market Days of the different universities:

University of Queensland (St. Lucia) - 28th July 2010 (10 AM - 3 PM)

Queensland University of Technology (Gardens Point) - 19th & 20th July 2010 (11 AM - 3 PM)
Queensland University of Technology (Kelvin Grove) - 21st July 2010 (11 AM - 3 PM)

N/B: The calendar for the second semester of Griffith University has yet to be confirmed, hence the Market Day dates for the Nathan and Mt. Gravatt campuses will be revised accordingly.

On these days, the Bruneian Students' Society will be one of the many different societies and clubs who will be recruiting new students; besides signing up or renewing your membership, you will also be able to sign up for the Outdoor Paintball Tournament BSS will be hosting in the second semester (date TBA).

As a guide to our new members, we will also be compiling a Survival Guide, entailing tips and experiences regarding accomodation, public transport, halal butchers and restaurants, as well as places of interest, which may be available during the Market Days. Our more adept, older students are more than welcome to send in their suggestions to be added to the booklet; if you have any ideas you would like to share, please e-mail us at bssbrisbane@yahoo.com

In lieu of His Majesty the Sultan's upcoming birthday, the Bruneian Students' Society will also be hosting an event for its members; the suggestions during our discussion has ranged from a formal dinner to a casual BBQ, and is yet to be confirmed; we will keep you posted soon after our representatives are no longer occupied with assignments and exams.

Hope everyone's looking forward to our events!

Brunei Students' Society, Brisbane.

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